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dark choice cover

Dark Choice

Lance Brody Series – Book 7

If Lance Brody fails … Evils wins forever.

While desperately searching for Lance, Leah finds her newfound psychic abilities pulling her toward the home of an eccentric painter who thinks Leah is the only person who can help find her missing son. It’s a detour Leah feels she doesn’t have time for, but also one that seems to carry a great importance she can’t ignore, even if she doesn’t understand it.

Lance, while being held captive at a long-abandoned amusement park by the Reverend and the Surfer and the mysterious thing called Patrick Cain, also meets someone new. Another prisoner who has none of Lance’s otherworldly abilities, but does possess the one gift that Lance has never had. And it might be the most important gift of all.

Lance and Leah’s paths weave together to work toward the series’ most explosive ending yet. One where the stakes couldn’t possibly be any higher.

“This series is wonderfully written and you can’t help but root for the characters. It’s a page turner for sure. Read the entire series non stop. If you are thinking about reading this, stop and just do it!”

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