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Dark Holiday Cover

Dark Holiday

Lance Brody Series – Book 6

Who can steal the voices of the dead?

For Lance and Leah it was supposed to be a quiet Christmas vacation. But when the spirits start visiting, silenced in death and unable to speak, Lance quickly realizes he’s up against a type of evil he’s never encountered before.

To make matters worse, Lance isn’t feeling quite like himself. He’s exhausted, sleeping through most of the day, his own abilities weakened and only usable in short, draining bursts. Leah is worried about him, and Lance is worried too. Because when he senses a mysterious and powerful new force setting out to hunt him down, Lance begins to think that maybe the Universe has been trying to hide him away for protection. With this new worry comes an even more terrifying thought:

If Lance Brody can’t fight against the Darkness … who will?

“I have loved every word of the Lance Brody series. No exception with this one. This one grabs you by the throat and takes you on a paranormal thrill ride from start to finish!”

Amazon Reader